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Our Mission

CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization is an Ontario Not-for-Profit Organization dedicated to hosting free workshop and running structured revenue courses at educational institutions and libraries. We use our funding and revenue to develop our own hardware and software teaching tools as well as providing STEM education at a reduced price compared to private company. We also share some of our lessons so you can learn STEM on your own even if you cannot attend our workshops or courses.

Our Story

We started the CAROBOT Learning and Research Organization in 2016 because we noticed a lack of support for youth robotics in the Markham community. That’s why we decided to start teaching courses to encourage youth and pass on knowledge about robotics. Along the way, we developed our own courses and intuitive robotics education tools. We want to continue expanding into other communities and spread the robotics revolution.

Our Activities

  • Promoting interest in electronics and robotics
  • Promoting and undertaking research in the field of electronics and robotics
  • Developing and providing resources for learning and research in the field of electronics and robotics

Our Values

  • Education about electronics and robotics
  • Community involvement and giving back to the community
  • Respect and inclusiveness
  • Integrity, accountability, and transparency
  • High standards of quality and safety